How can we improve BizTalk360 Monitoring capabilities?

Stop and disable the host instance when auto correction is set to Disabled

There is no way for setting Stopped and Disabled states – not for monitoring or auto-correct behavior.

The problem this is creating for me is that if someone inadvertently starts a secondary FTP Receive Host Instance (as someone did recently) I want BizTalk360 to:

1. alert me that this Host Instance is in an unexpected state
2. have auto-correct set it to the desired state – Disabled
3. and stop the running service – because it should never have been started and must be stopped:
a. Set to disabled and left running is not what I need
b. Setting ‘Desired State’ to Stopped and using auto-correct to stop it isn’t enough – it needs to be disabled to draw someone’s attention to the fact that this service should not be started if it is seen to be down. This is special behaviour required by the limitations of the FTP Receive Adapter where business needs don’t justify clustering costs and a ‘warm standby’ solution is sufficient.

So in summary, what I would like BizTalk360 to do is to:

· Allow me to set desired state monitoring to disabled (which it does)
· Allow Auto-Correct to set the status to disabled (which it does)
· To also stop the service if it is running before setting the state to disabled

- Idea shared by Simon Young

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