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View Hydrated Orchestrations

In BizTalk Admin Console you have the option to view all Dehydrated Orchestrations directly from the group overview.
That was a quick way to view all dehydrated orchestrations and would be helpfull in BizTalk360 as well.
BizTalk 360:
In BizTalk360 you an see the dehydrated orchestrations in the Mssagebox queries or in the grafhical flow but is not posible to view only the dehydrated orchestrations. In some cases that should be very helpfull.

In the messagebox queries it is not posible to choose Dehydrated.
In the Graphical Flow you can add a filter on state but it is not posible tot choose the state dehydrated.
Is this because there are no dehydrated items or is that status missing.

In one of those or maybe even in both I'd expected to be able to choose Dehydrated to see all dehydrated orchestrations

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  • Mekala Ramesh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Frank,
    I really appreciate that you took your time to share you ideas.

    In BizTalk360,easily you can view the dehydrated service instances.

    In MessageBox queries:
    1. Just by selecting the filter "Instance status" as dehydrated and the "Service class" as Orchestration, you can view the dehydrated orchestrations.
    2.You can save query for future use as well to avoid recreating them again and again.
    3.In the top left corner,near the heading "message box queries",you can view the pin icon,by clicking it you can pin the message box queries to the dashboard.
    4.You can view the short cut icon to the message box queries in the dashboard.

    In General:
    Dehydrated messages persist into the MessageBox DB and involve multiple tables to store the actual messages and their references.

    Spool, Parts, and Fragments tables -> These tables store actual message data in the BizTalkMsgBoxDb database which are active, dehydrated, or suspended.

    [HostName]Q -> This table contains a reference to messages in the Spool table that are associated with the particular host and are not suspended and either dehydrated, active or ready-to-run status.

    Instances -> This table stores all instances and their current status in the BizTalkMsgBoxDb database. By querying you would be able to see the current status of the messages.

    In the DTADb, the dehydrated messages will not be stored.So you cannot view the dehydrated orchestration in graphical flow section in both BizTalk Admin console(Trakced service instances,Tracked message events) and as well as in the BizTalk360.

    I hope the above suggestion clarify your doubts.Please let me know if your need any further information. I am happy to help you.

    Mekala Ramesh

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