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Four bugs/problems when viewing BAM reports . With suggestions for improvements.

BAM activity viewing problems in Biztalk360 v 8.3

Problem 1 FILTERS

The most glaring error is this
"Is Greater than" /FAILED WITH ( Results in : "Backend server error. Response Code: 400, Message: Bad Request [more..]" )

Marcus Blomberg at ASCOM has reported this issue earlier in
[#17141] Data Access > BAM: Backend server error

Less glaring, but equally importantly, I tested each filter and

Equal to /Works
Not equal to /works
Starts with /Failed
Ends with /Failed
Contains /Sometimes works
Does not contain /Failed
Is Contained in /Sometimes works
Is Less than /Works
Is less than or equal to

Is Greater or equal to /Works

Suggestion: Make all filters work

PROBLEM 2 BAM Column widths.

For example, the text
"serviceCallError Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__CallColl__3214EC074841BA76'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.CallCollection'. The duplicate key value is (WR00172179). "
only shows up as "serviceCallE..."

It takes few minutes to widen the column enough to read it.
We have to re-widen the column for each search.
This makes the view useless.

Suggestion 1: Make the initial total width twice as wide.

Suggestion 2: Either save all widths, or let widths be set in a config file, preferably differently for each Report.


Export to Excel only exports a maximum of 1000 rows.
We need many more than 1000 rows.
Had this worked, we could have used Excel filters and widths instead.

Suggestion : Add 10,000 rows to drop down box.

Choosing multiple fields is tricky.
(This is a minor problem)

Suggestion: Make the rows choosable with a stroke of the key, like ALT-4 or add cumulatively with Shift, down-arrow.

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